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Christmas Eve Menu 2018
4pm – 8pm


• Soup •

Lobster and butternut squash  $8

• Appetizers •

Shrimp Romano   $13
Boiled shrimp with fresh tomato and roasted garlic

Roasted artichoke and portobello risotto  $11
Served with crostini

Burrata pomodoro  $12

• Entrées •

Honey nut salmon  $26
Chef’s cut salmon filet dredged in crushed walnuts, pistachios, and almond flour served with tarragon risotto and vegetable

Sole Posillipo   $28
Filet of sole poached in plum tomato sauce with mussels and clams served with linguine

Stuffed shells  $18
Shells stuffed primavera-style with Alfredo sauce

• Desserts •

Assortment of our Signature Desserts


* Regular menu also available