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• Prosciutto Cupcakes  8
Fresh spinach, ricotta mix and roasted peppers topped
with a balsamic glaze and raspberry vinaigrette

• Italian Chicken Roll  8
Chicken, pesto, tomatoes and onions baked
in a fresh homemade pastry shell

• Sausage & White Bean Ragu  9
Creamy cassoulet of fresh sausage and white bean dip

• Brushetta of the Day  9
“Chef’s Choice”

• Stuffed “Porto”  10
Crabmeat stuffed Portabella mushroom
with a butter lemon wine sauce

• Eggplant Rollatine  8
Egg dipped eggplant rolled with fresh ricotta mix,
topped with a tomato sauce and cheese

• Capri  9
Slices of fresh mozzarella and tomato topped
with a pesto balsamic glaze

• Basso Ensalad  12
Roasted peppers topped with fresh mozzarella
and drizzled with Basso’s house dressing

• Salmon Nicase  12
Grilled salmon over our homemade caesar salad,
black olives, tomato and eggs

• Cappy  9
Stuffed mushroom caps with our fresh ricotta mix,
topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

• Blacken  12
Salmon filet over risotto and vegetables

• Bistro Beef  13
6oz. NY Strip smothered with a mushroom
and onion sauce, Italian roasted potatoes and broccoli

• Pesce Polenta 12
Grilled shrimp or scallops over homemade polenta
finished with a scampi sauce

• Pasta DeJour  10
Chef’s Choice of the Day

• Hero “Parm”  10
Choose from our fresh varieties of hero’s

- Chicken Parmigian
- Veal Parmigiano
- Meatball Parmigiano
- Sausage Parmigiano